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Dual Slide Combo

23' Long | 15' Wide | 15' High | 304 lbs

$265 per day

This spacious show stopper is one of our personal favourites and without question is a true entertainment center.

While most competitors brag about combo rides with smaller 13'x13' and 10'x10' bounce houses, Hopper’s Castle delivers with their large 15'x15' Dual Slide Castle Combo. This castle is designed to maximize the capacity for fun at all events.

With a large jumping area and two 6 foot exit slides, it allows a higher volume of traffic to circulate through it and therefore this Dual Castle Combo doubles the fun that competitors offer. This unit also features additional activities such as an internal climbing wall and a basketball hoop.


Ice Castle

15' Long | 15' Wide | 14' High | 170 lbs

$225 per day

This unique Ice Castle bounce house is sure to give you the chills. Featuring beautiful snowflake artwork and see-through material on the peaks of the castle give it a real life-like Ice Castle feel that riders will surely bounce in. This Ice Castle bounce house is great for Winter themed events, snow themed events, and the like. The Ice Castle bounce house is sure to give your Winter Season a new look and excite any rider that enters this fun bounce house.

The Ice Castle is all-enclosed with safety nets and inflatable walls.


Castle Combo C4

20'4" Long | 15'10" Wide | 14'6" High | 295 lbs

$250 per day

This C4 combo bouncy castle brings an air of majesty and imagination to any event. With a pair of regal blue and red towers and sunny-colored walls, this bouncy castle is sure to attract little princes and princesses for hours on end! Each player can enjoy action on a wet or dry slide, or conduct their royal duties from the large interior jump. This C4 bouncy castle combo is part of a line of royal, palace-style jumpers from Ninja Jump, with alternate colors and combos, designed to fit in with any theme or event.

This C4 bounce house combo offers up to four different activities for endless hours of activity.


Classic Bounce

15' Long | 14' Wide | 14' High | 295 lbs

$200 per day

This classic bounce house is recognized by everyone, whether they have enjoyed one themselves, rented one for a party or simply seen one set up for a neighborhood party. Any bounce house is a fun way to encourage physical activity among young and old alike. This 15'x15' I-bounce provides a familiar environment for up to five people to enjoy it in.


Dual Lane Inflatable Water Slide With Pool

27' Long | 15' Wide | 18' High | 450 lbs

$400 per day

The 18 ft tall inflatable slide can be used wet or dry and is a staple for any inflatable rental business. This unit comes with a detachable water pool (with inflated bottom for cushion) which is placed at the end of the inflatable slide. You will love this unit!